JK Aggarwal, The University of Texas at Austin
Abstract: Sensor Networks and Recognition of Human Activities

Hamid Aghajan, Stanford University
Abstract: Vision: ideas for enabling Ambient Intelligence and serving Social Networks

Narendra Ahuja, UIUC
Abstract: Image Representation for Image Understanding

Ian Akyildiz, Georgia Tech
Abstract: Research Challenges for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Rick Allan, BBN

Kevin Almeroth, UC-Santa Barbara

Norman Badler, UPenn
Abstract: Simulating a Functional Populace

Ruzena Bajcsy, UCBerkeley
Abstract: Active Perception: past, present, and future

Azer Bestavros, Boston University
Abstract: Virtualization and Programming Support for Video Sensor Networks

Bir Bhanu, UCR
Abstract: VideoWeb: Design of a Wireless Camera Network for Real-time Monitoring of Activities

Paul Brewer, ObjectVideo
Abstract: Maritime Persistent Surveillance

Mark Campbell, Cornell University
Abstract: Sensing, Cooperation and Control in Networked Systems

Rama Chellappa, UMD
Abstract: Exploiting Sparsity, Geometry and Statistics for Video Processing and Understanding Using a Camera Network

Jie Chen, University of California
Abstract: Best Achievable Tracking Performance Under Limited and Constrained Information Feedback

Hui Cheng, Sarnoff Corporation
Abstract: Real-Time Entity Tracking Using Wide Area Surveillance Videos

Bojan Cukic, West Virginia University
Abstract: Fault Tolerant Sensor Networks for Border Activity Detection

Liyi Dai, US Army Research Office

Raju Damarla, US Army Research Laboratory

Larry Davis, UMD
Abstract: Event modeling and recognition in camera networks

Jim Davis, Ohio State University
Abstract: Control, Registration, and Exploitation of Video Sensor Networks

Sudhir Dixit, Center for Internet Excellence
Abstract: Challenges of Wireless Communication in Video Sensing

Chuck Dyer, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Abstract: Tracking in camera networks using joint projective invariants

Jay Farrell, U of CA Riverside

John Fisher, MIT CSAIL
Abstract: Information-driven inference under resource constraints

Arun Hampapur, IBM
Abstract: Media Analytics Research at IBM

Mary Ann Harrison, WVHTC Foundation
Abstract: Tactical Analysis of Video Imagery

Parag Havaldar, SONY Pictures, Imageworks
Abstract: Performance driven character animation on a real production set using multiple cameras

Glenn Healey, UC Irvine
Abstract: Processing Multispectral/Hyperspectral Video

Tom Henderson, University of Utah
Abstract: Cognitive Video Sensor networks

Jenq-Neng Hwang, University of Washington, Seattle
Abstract: Intelligent Surveillance and Event Understanding in Distributed Embedded Camera Networks of A Large Scale Community

Ted Isaacson, ONR / MTCSC

Ioannis Kakadiaris, University of Houston
Abstract: Face Recognition: Your Face is Your Password

Behzad Kamgar-Parsi, ONR

Aggelos Katsaggelos, Northwestern University
Abstract: Content-based scalable video streaming in video sensor networks

Iouri Kompaniets, Physical Optics Corporation
Abstract: Advanced Hyperspectral Zoom Optics Sensor

Rick Kremer, Logostech

Martin Kruger, Office of Naval Research

Vinod Kulathumani, West Virginia university
Abstract: Collaborative face recognition using network of smart cameras

Mohan Kumar, The University of Texas at Arlington
Abstract: Collaborative Virtual Observation (CoVO) in Dynamic Environments

Aditi Majumder, UCI
Abstract: Ubiquitous Displays via a Distributed Framework of Projector-Camera Systems

BS Manjunath, UCSB

Bogdan Matei, Sarnoff Corporation
Abstract: Multi-Camera Tracking and Data Association

Shean T McMahon, Physical Optics Corportation
Abstract: Advanced Hyperspectral Zoom Optics System

Gerard Medioni, University of Southern California
Abstract: Distributed Vision: algorithms, scalability, forensics

Sharad Mehrotra, UCI
Abstract: SATWARE: a semantic enhanced middleware and database system for sentient spaces

Scott Midkiff, National Science Foundation

Vassilios Morellas, UMN
Abstract: Linking Video Information Across Cameras

Thinh Nguyen, Oregon State University
Abstract: Towards building a robust video sensor network

Antonio Ortega, University of Southern California
Abstract: Challenges in Practical Distributed Video Compression

Robert Pless, Washington University in St. Louis
Abstract: Passive Vision: Observing the world while sitting still

T V Prabhakar, Indian Institute of Science
Abstract: An Energy Efficient Distributed Algorithm For Image Slicing in WSNs

Ranjit Pradhan, Physical Optics Corporation

R R Venkatesha Prasad, Delft University of Technology
Abstract: An Energy Efficient Distributed Algorithm for Image Slicing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Faisal Qureshi, UOIT
Abstract: Proactive Camera Control for Collaborative Sensing

V Ramesh, Siemens
Abstract: Robust Video Understanding Systems - Review and Challenges

Raghuveer Rao, Army Research Laboratory

Chinya Ravishankar, UC Riverside

Ray Rimey, Lockheed Martin
Abstract: Recognizing Activity Structures in Massive Numbers of Simple Events Over Large Areas

Amit Roy Chowdhury, University of California, Riverside
Abstract: Video Understanding in Distributed Active Camera Networks

Maya Rubeiz, Office of Naval Research

Venkatesh Saligrama, Boston University
Abstract: Video Analytics in Multicamera Networks

Wes Snyder, NCSU
Abstract: Shape recognition Based on Accumulators

Stefano Soatto, UCLA
Abstract: From Shannon to Gibson: Actionable Information in Video

Bi Song, UCR
Abstract: Scene Analysis, Control and Communication in Distributed Camera Networks

Tanveer Syeda-Mahmood, IBM Almaden Research Center

Demetri Terzopoulos, University of California, Los Angeles

Satish Tripathi, University at Buffalo, SUNY

Mohan Trivedi, University of California at San Diego
Abstract: Distributed Video Networks in Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems

Yanghai Tsin, Siemens Corporate Research

Peter Tu, GE
Abstract: Video Analytics from Homeland Protection to Theft Prevention and Crowd Analysis

Pramod Varshney, Syracuse University
Abstract: Sensor Selection and Information Fusion in Sensor Networks

Rene Vidal, Johns Hopkins University
Abstract: Distributed Scene Understanding

Wayne Wolf, Georgia Tech
Abstract: Distributed Smart Cameras

Ming-Hsuan Yang, University of California at Merced
Abstract: Visual Tracking with Online Multiple Instance Learning

Allen Y Yang, UCB
Abstract: Multiple-View Object Recognition in Band-Limited Distributed Camera Networks

Avideh Zakhor, U.C Berkeley
Abstract: Indoor localization using cameras and laser scanners